Key Largo Reef Fishing

Key Largo Reef fishing produces the tastiest catch to be had in all of the Florida Keys

Along the coast of Key Largo lies a patch network of natural reefs. We like to reef fish in Key Largo at depths between 5’ and 60’. Because of the natural protection provided by the reef, fishing is normally in calmer waters. This is home to a wide variety of fish, which makes for lots of fun to be had. With over 500 different types of species to catch, you never know what could be on the other end of your rod.

It’s quite common for our guests to go home with a freezer full of snapper, grouper, hogfish, yellowtail, barracuda and more. A variety of sharks can be found prowling the reefs off Key Largo. The intense power of this apex predator can be felt when you are trying to reel it in. Our reef fishing charter guests get to enjoy a variety of different species of fish to catch.

Families with kids get to learn about each species as Captain Eric and his crew try to share their knowledge with all of their fishing charter guests. Weather you are 5 years old or 100 years old, Reel Deal Fishing charters will show you “the catch of your life”!